Saturday 27 October 2018

Army Form W.3291 - Classification Certificate

Army Form W.3291 first saw the light of day in August 1916 and this version dates from October 1916. It was certainly used for men who had attested under the Derby Scheme and may also have been used for men who were conscripted. 

In this particular case this Derby Scheme recruited has been classified as A. Fit for general service, having attested over a year earlier on the 9th December 1915. This man was examined and classified on the 22nd January 1917 and he was mobilised on the 23rd February 1917, ultimately serving overseas with the Cheshire Regiment until demobilised in October 1919.

The reverse of this document refers to Army Form W.3195 which I have covered on a previous post and which refers specifically to Derby Scheme attestations. It is interesting that this Army Form addresses the candidate as "Mr", a title rarely seen pre-printed on army forms and probably one of the last times, until late 1919, that this particular man would have been addressed as such.

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