If you need help tracing your military ancestor, please drop me a line. I offer a quick and cost-effective research service and will respond to most enquiries around within 48 hours.

It won't cost you the odds either. A full report costs under £50..  Here's how it works:

1. Drop a line to telling me what you need help with.
2. Please tell me the man's full name and regiment and regimental number if known.
3. I will respond to your enquiry by return, giving you a cost for the service

If I don't think I can add anything I will tell you, but if I can find out more information, I'll be happy to pass this on. Please note that ALL WW2 enquiries should be directed to the MoD via the Veterans UK website.

Remittance is to be made in advance of any research being undertaken.

Paul Nixon
December 2020


  1. Cant seem to get you -is E-mail address corrrect?

    1. Yes, it's correct, Brian. Also try


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