Saturday 2 May 2015

Army Form C.309 - 2nd Class Certificate of Education 1888

I rescued some documents in the week.  Having bought this man's 1901 Royal Rifle Reserve discharge certificate on eBay, I subsequently noticed that the vendor had sold his earlier KRRC discharge certificate recently as well. I asked her if there was anything else for this man and it turned out there was, quite a bit. I have no particular interest in the regiment, and no connection with the man, but he has an interesting history and, besides which, I hated the idea of all of these documents being split up.

Amongst the papers I bought was this rather tatty 2nd Class Certificate of Education which is an Indian issue from the Superintendent of British Army Schools in the Bengal Presidency.

Some of the text is missing for the Arithmetic section but I am guessing that the word on the second line is Computation and the word underneath that, Practice. Despite its tatty appearance, I rather like this, and I suspect it was pulled out on more than one occasion by Thomas Peel as proof of his levels of proficiency in the three Rs.

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